SUPA Fixtures

SUPA Fixtures run from February through to July, culminating in the SUPA Gold Cup - International Polo Festival.
All spectators are welcome and we encourage as many people as possible to turn out and support the players and enjoy a day of great polo.
Please find below information about each section fixture and go to the fixtures list for dates and venues.

Fixture List

The 2015 SUPA fixture list can be downloaded

School Fixtures

Draws and Chukka Lists for Senior Schools and Girls Schools will be available here.

Draws and Chukka Lists for Junior Schools will be available here.

Universities Fixtures

Beginner Section: For players taking up the polo stick for the first time in that academic year. After a goal is scored play will resume with a throw in at the centre. All beginner players must be assessed by coaches and awarded a Level 1 Polo Riding and Proficiency Certificate prior to playing in the National Championshps.

Novice Section: For -2 or S rated players only. Both Beginners and Novice are three a side.

Intermediate Section: Teams are a maximum of 2 goals for outdoor and 3 goals for indoor. Teams are four a side and played on a full sized pitch.

Combined Section: For teams made up of individuals and organised into teams by SUPA.

Open Section: Minimum of 3 goal teams for outdoor and 4 goal in the arena.