Akuma Home Nations Cup

Andrew Foreman’s Beverley Polo Club, were the kind and generous hosts of the inaugural Akuma Tri Nations over the August Bank Holiday weekend.  An all round success with hosts, sponsors, players and organisers all agreeing that the event surpassed all expectation and achieved plaudits from all quarters.  .


A joint venture by the Pony Club of Scotland Polo Group and SUPA. Further to a Challenge, thrown down by Jim Dukes of Aberdeen, the mantel was accepted by the English and then the Welsh SUPA.  Supported by Akuma the bespoke shirt manufacturers the event is sure to become a regular in the Polo Calendar. The tournament follows on the successful Arena University Tri Nations hosted by Ireland in March.


Andrew Foreman, Chairman of Beverley Polo Club, has been a great supporter of SUPA, hosting International Ladies matches in 2008 and 2009, He again asked SUPA to host this Tri Nations at his club in Beverley, and supplying not only this top class venue but showing that good Schools Polo is not just the pastime of the South.


The matches were in the form of an American Tournament , unfortunately for the Scottish team, who were not able to see the others play first they were unable to contain the mercurial Ed Batchelor who basically ensured his Welsh sides victory with a 9 – 2 score. After this however the teams quickly understood what they should be doing, and although Wales were victorious in both games, they didn’t have it all their own way with both Scotland and England pushing them very close.  Match of the weekend though was the game between Scottish Pony Club and English SUPA, with fast open play making a mockery of the player’s handicaps, and with Arthur Dukes scoring the leveller on the final bell, honours were drawn and the correct result was reached. Had it not been for the first two chukkas of the day then the Scottish team would have been victorious.


Thomas Aldersley of Akuma was on hand to present the Certificates, shirts and prizes to all players and of course the magnificent Challenge Cup to the victorious Welsh SUPA team.


Edwina Stacy-Marks of Beverley Polo Club has to be congratulated not only for running the event but for the superb asado which was put on for SUPA on the Saturday night, and too George Carter, the HPA Coach at Beverley, for his sympathetic but occasionally strict umpiring of the tournament.



Welsh SUPA          11            Scottish Pony Club               6                              1st            Welsh SUPA

Welsh SUPA          8             English SUPA                         7                              2nd          English SUPA

English SUPA         7              Scottish Pony Club               7                              3rd            Scottish Pony Club


The teams:

English SUPA                                          Scottish Pony Club                                  Welsh SUPA

Brad Rainford Blackett     -2               Grania Lambert    -2                             Issy Styler              -2

James Hudson            -2                      Jamie Lindsay       -2                             Frankie Dent         -2

Tim Pierce May          -2                        Jess Dukes            -1                             Ed Batchelor         1

Huw Beavan               -1                       ArthurDukes          -1                             Josh Woolley        -1