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Sunday, 22nd March 2020 - Black Bears Polo Club 

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Welcome to the Junior Schools Section. UK Junior Schools were incorporated into SUPA in 1997 representing all Junior Schools and players aged 13 and under from January each year.

The new Section Manager for Junior Schools is Sarah Styler and she can be contacted at juniors@supa.co.uk


A fully paid up and registered SUPA member is covered by the policy wherever and whenever they may be playing, practicing or training for polo 24hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide.

Any polo player, individually recognised as Member of the HPA through any of the HPA’s Affiliated Clubs or Associations, is provided with 3rd Party Public Liability as per the criteria at out under the following link: http://www.hpa-polo.co.uk/insurance/members-3rd-party-insurance/

The policy will defend any eligible member in the event of an incident that could give rise to a claim subject to the terms and conditions of the policy and in accordance with the rules of the HPA.


We are extremely lucky to be sponsored by Richard Buckett at RJ Polo.  For all your kit requirements please go to www.rjpolo.com.

RJ Polo offer a 10% discount to all SUPA members on all kit excluding bundles and sticks.  Please quote "student10" at checkout.

Please note the kit requirements for tournaments which are specified under Junior Schools Rules.