Junior Schools Rules

Junior School Rules & Regulations

The Hurlingham Polo Association will govern all SUPA tournaments played in addition to specific SUPA rules which appear on this website and in the Terms and Conditions on the Tournament Enter Form. Team Managers please note that SUPA organises tournaments on behalf of member schools who are required to make their online entries before the closing date. Schools must ensure that appropriate team managers are appointed who will be responsible for individual players at all times. Managers are responsible for the compliance with SUPA/HPA rules. 
                                                                SUPA TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION


Member players are expected to be well turned out and safe for all SUPA matches and throughout the event.

HATS:   As from 1st January 2010, all participants in ANY SUPA Tournament or Sanctioned Event must wear a BSI Kitemarked helmet.  There are several 3 and 4 point linkage helmets on the market, but the helmet must carry the BSI Kitemark to be deemed safe.  Polo Helmets, Riding Hats and Skull Caps will all carry this inside the helmet on the lining. The HPA is currently reviewing this standard.

GOGGLES:  It is recommended that goggles are worn by every player. Lensless or specialised googles are available from Polo equipment suppliers.

KNEE PADS:  Knee pads are to be worn in all SUPA sanctioned events and Championships, as per HPA Rule 3,b.

SPURS:  Spurs are not allowed under any circumstances on rented ponies in any SUPA Sanctioned Event, match or Championship.  Use of spurs may be approved by SUPA for use with player-owned ponies. If you are seen wearing spurs, you will be asked to remove them.

RULES: The rules as laid down by the H.P.A. are to be applied, unless SUPA and their officials deem otherwise. The rules may be interpreted in a slightly different manner due to the facilities used by the Officials on the day. Changes and interpretation will be listed on the notice boards before play if made.  Decision of the Section Manager and Tournament Chairman will be final.

SUPA REGULATED EVENTS:  [BASED ON THE HPA - "Regulated Events" December 2014 Ruling]

SUPA is responsible for Regulating "Sanctioned Events, National/Regional Tournaments and National Championships" which are acknowledged SUPA activities and considered Membership Benefits. These activities which involve SUPA Member-players enjoy many membership benefits, including limited public liability insurance.  Participation in  ANY OTHER "non-Sanctioned" or  non "SUPA" polo activities involving SUPA members render player Membership and its benefits null and void (this means:  SUPA all benefits including insurance benefits will not apply and membership temporarily suspended.)  


BEGINNER: This Section is for "fluffies" players who have just started playing in the academic year.  HPA Instructors will be responsible for the suitability and safety of these players and as required provide evidence of  Level One Certificate of Polo Riding Competance Certification normally issued if requested.  This Section is for "S" or un-registered players.
NB: For all Junior Sections the ball will be thrown in from the centre following every goal.

NOVICE: This Section is for any player "S" or -2 handicapped players deemed safe by their HPA Instructor. Beginners can play in this Section.

OPEN: This Section is for teams over "1" goals in total.

COMBINED SECTION:  This Section is for any player of any handicap, who is unable to join a team elsewhere due to lack of members, handicap or availability.  SUPA will "make-up" and determine the balance these teams. This Section may be split depending on numbers and handicaps.


LIMITED LIABILTY INSURANCE:    All players are to be fully paid up before they play. Forms can be completed and payment made online from the website www.supa.org.uk .  The annual coverage is for the Academic Year September to the end of August. From 2016-2017 the annual subscription is £55 per member-player which includes Limited Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance. SUPA does not offer Personal Medical Insurance coverage which should be sought by its member-players.  We are the first Polo Association provide this benefit and details of the policy can be downloaded from the HPA website www.hpa-polo.com .  It is the players responsibility to be registered and provide proof of payment to any third party if required. Again our Official Registrar, Mrs. Donna Stephens, membershipregistrar@supa.org.uk may be reached to assist members if any problems arise.​

SEE:  http://www.hpamembers.co.uk/document_archive/insurance/2014%20-%202015%20PL%20Policy%20wording%20for%20HPA%20website.pdf

MEDICAL INSURANCE: SUPA does not provide any level of medical insurance coverage.  All players must determine and confirm with their University if sports insurance, including polo, is available whilst playing university polo.  All players are advised to seek and secure all risk insurance coverage which includes the sport of polo.  Polo is a dangerous sport.



 If a team or player has to withdraw less than 5 days before a tournament the entry fee will be forfeited and penalties [currently £30] may be affixed.  Please coordinate with the Section Manager to mitigate possible fines as early as possible.  Withdrawals on the day of the Tournament will be subject to the relevant HPA Rules and the appropriate actions taken.