Rules for Senior Schools

Team Managers

Senior Schools Rules & Regulations 2018

Players are expected to be well turned out and safe for all SUPA matches and throughout the event.

All Players must wear team shirts, white breeches/white jeans, kneepads and proper riding boots (leather or rubber).



Manufacturer Model Standard
Charles Owen Palermo Polo PAS015:2011 and VG1 01.040-2014
Charles Owen Polo Edition PAS015:2011 and VG1 01.040-2014
Charles Owen Young Rider Polo PAS015:2011 and VG1 01.040-2014
Armis Armis PAS015:2011, ASTM(Pending),VG1 01.040-2014 and Certified with MIPS
GPA Speed Air / Polo X2 UTAC/CRITT 04/2015 andVG1 01.040-2014
Instinct Polo TBC PAS015:2011


As you are aware the HPA have introduced the minimum standard for polo helmets they must be type approved to at least one of the standards PAS015:2011 with CE mark, SNELL E2001, VG1 01.040 2014-12, or UTAC/CRITT 04/2015.

PAS015:1998 is the previous version of PAS015:2011.

Due to extended lead times retailers often carried high stocks of helmets and therefore there are still helmets available that are labelled PAS015:1998.

The HPA will allow the use of helmets that are labelled PAS015:1998.

  It is recommended that goggles are worn by every player. Lensless or specialised goggles are available from Polo equipment suppliers.

MOUTH GUARDS: It is recommended that mouth guards are worn by every player.

KNEE PADS:  Knee pads must be worn in all SUPA sanctioned events and Championships, as per HPA Rule 3, b.

HAIR:  In the interest of safety, long hair must be secured appropriately.

SPURS:  May be worn at SUPA events. Any misuse of spurs will be reported to the Section Manager and Chairman, any reported riders will be recorded and monitored. Sharp spurs are not permitted. Only blunt spurs, without rowels or sharp edges, and spurs that have a smooth rotating ball on the shank may be worn. If the spurs are curved, the curve must be downwards and the shank must point straight to the back and not exceed 3.5cm in length. The measurement is taken from the heel of the boot to the end of the shank. 

: GOPRO cameras or any other miniature recording devices are not to be worn or held by any person once they are mounted.

HORSE HIRE: If you are hiring ponies to play at a SUPA event, the providers are legally required to hold a current REL, (Riding Establishments License) to  hire out horses for payment or remuneration. Please make sure you have seen a copy of their REL or that they are current APSPH members.

RULES: The rules as laid down by the H.P.A. are to be applied, unless SUPA and their officials deem otherwise. The rules may be interpreted in a slightly different manner due to the facilities used by the Officials on the day.  The decision of the Section Manager and Tournament Chairman will be final


players must be Registered and paid up members of SUPA before play (see How to Join on this website).  SUPA Players benefit from a Limited Public and Accident Insurance provided through HPA and Lycetts Insurance Brokers.(see for more information about insurance).  If you have a Student who says he/she is a member of the HPA you must ensure that you have seen the relevant proof, if they are unable to provide it you can check at  If you enter them into a tournament and they are not a current fully paid up member of the HPA they will not have the relevant insurance.


The Outdoor Registered handicap is the one used by SUPA.  For Arena an Outdoor Handicap plus 1 is taken.  

All players must be current full-time students at a Senior School.

BEGINNERS: This section is for players who have not played any competitive matches and are new to the sport.

 This section is for players who have played in the Beginners section and are therefore no longer deemed a beginner. No handicapped players may play in this section.

NB: For the Beginners & Novice Section in the Arena the ball may be thrown in from the centre following every goal, the Umpire will make the decision and inform the teams before they start play.

INTERMEDIATES: This section is for players who have worked their way through Beginner and Novice Sections within SUPA, and for Pony Cub and HPA members who are not ready to play at the Open level. 0 goalers will be allowed to play in this section at the discretion of the Section Manager.  No one with a handicap of 1 or above may play in this section.

OPEN: This section is for players with an HPA handicap.

COMBINED TEAMS:  Combined teams may only be made up by the Section Manger and will be entered into an appropriate section.  Please note that under no circumstances may Schools Managers or Coaches enter mixed schools teams into a SUPA tournament.  If you do not have enough players to make up a team you must speak to the relevant Section Manager.  If you are found to be entering a mixed team without prior approval from SUPA you will be disqualified.

SUBSTITUTION OF PLAYERS:  If you have a withdrawal from your team and need to substitute the player you must inform us in writing immediately.  If you do not have a player within your schools pool you must speak to the relevant Section Manager, you may not substitute with a player from another school without written permission from the relevant Section Manager.

Section Managers and SUPA Stewards reserve the right to move teams/players into different divisions if they deem them to be entered into an in appropriate division.

Teams that win their section must be entered into the section above at the next tournament.

If anyone is found to be breaking the above rules it could result in the team being disqualified.


Entry fees will be refunded - a £10 admin fee is retained.


If a team or player has to withdraw less than 10 days before a tournament the entry fee will be forfeited and penalties [currently £30-£80] may be affixed.  Please co-ordinate with the Section Manager to mitigate possible fines as early as possible.


The Schools Manager or Players Representative are responsible for the behaviour of their teams.


No complaint may be raised directly with an opposing team, player or official. Only Schools Managers, or their appointed representative notified to the relevant Section Manager, are entitled to lodge objections or protests.

These must be made to the SUPA Section Manager or the Tournament Organiser on the same day and as soon as possible after the incident and they will be heard by a Jury of Appeal. Protests should be in writing accompanied by a deposit of £50 which will be refunded if the objection is upheld.

Players or parents who approach any SUPA Steward with a protest or objection will be referred to their Schools Manager. No photographic evidence will be accepted in support of a complaint, protest or objection.

Any complaints about umpiring must be made to the appropriate Section Manager and not directly to the umpire. School Managers may then take up complaints with the SUPA Committee and appropriate Section Managers, but as per the HPA rules of Polo, the umpires’ decision is final, and results of matches cannot be altered after the match has completed.

Other Players:

  • OVERSEAS PLAYERS:  These players will play off their last registered HPA Handicap, or if not registered then the handicap given by their Governing Polo Association.  It is the Team Captain, Manager, Club Captain or Chairman's responsibility to clarify this with all overseas players and notify SUPA immediately.  The Official online Membership Registration and online Tournament Entry will attest to and confirm the eligibility as well as attest to the safety of the players entered by the Team Captain, Manager, Club Captain or Chairman.
  • POLO CROSSE:  Players who play Polo Crosse and are also at a polo club will play off the handicap given and assessed by that Polo Club.  If a player is not a member of an HPA Club, then they will be assessed by SUPA, based on consultation with the appropriate Certified HPA Instructor.  Non handicapped players will be registered as "S".
  • ALUMNI PLAYERS: All other former school or university players or bonafide full-time staff may be eligible to join SAPA, SUPA Alumni Polo Association, Ltd, and participate in SAPA Polo events.  SAPA, an HPA Association, is a separate and privately owned affiliate of SUPA, Ltd. which generates grant monies to SUPA as and when possible.

LIMITED LIABILITY INSURANCE:    All players are to be fully paid up before they play.  Forms must be completed and payment made online from the website .  The annual fee for 2018-2019 is £55 per member-player which includes Limited Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance.  SUPA does not offer Personal Medical Insurance. It is the players responsibility to be registered and provide proof of payment to any third party if required.  Again our Official Registrar, Mrs. Donna Stephens, may be reached to assist members if any problems arise.
MEDICAL INSURANCE: SUPA does not provide any level of medical insurance coverage.  All players must determine and confirm with their University if sports insurance, including polo, is available whilst playing university polo.  All players are advised to seek and secure all risk insurance coverage which includes the sport of polo.  Polo is a dangerous sport.


SUPA, the HPA and tournament and event organisers or any person acting on their behalf, do not accept liability for loss, damage, accident, injury or illness to competitors, spectators or any person or property whatsoever.

SUPA, the HPA and tournament and event Organisers aim to meet the necessary medical, veterinary and health and safety standards but the responsibility for the players, spectators and supporters rests with the individuals and, if they are under 18 years, with their Schools Manager, Players Representative, or parents or guardians both on and off the ground or in/out of the Arena.

A player with a known medical condition must obtain qualified medical approval before participating in any SUPA activity.

Schools/Parents/Guardian are responsible for the behaviour of their players at all times when their players are participating in any SUPA event.

Every eventuality cannot be provided for in these rules. 

It is the School's or Parents/Guardian responsibility to ensure they are complying with the rules of the competition.