SUPA Sponsors & Partners

The SUPA Stewards, together with all our players, managers and helpers are extremely grateful to the following organisations for their continued support for schools and universities polo. Also to the many organisations, too many to list here, who support individual schools and universities. Would players and parents please give these sponsors your support whenever possible. Thank you.

The Hurlingham Polo Association

The Hurlingham Polo Association, the governing body of polo, provide generous support to SUPA and its programme of activities and training.

Worshipful Company of Saddlers


The Worshipful Company of Saddlers is one of the very oldest of the City of London Livery companies. The earliest surviving records of a Guild of Saddlers in London date from circa 1160 AD, although the Guild could well pre-date that.

Today, the Saddlers' Company still has a close interest in, and involvement with, its original trade. This is exemplified in its support of the Society of Master Saddlers, its leadership of the development of saddlery training standards, its support of saddlery trainees and apprentices through bursaries, awards and prizes, and its promotion of British saddlery.

Since 2005 The Company has awarded the "Most Promising Player" prize to a Junior School and a Senior School Player with a potential and outstanding skill. The Saddlers’ Trophy is awarded to the Senior School Most Outstanding Player annually.

The Company supports almost all disciplines of British equestrianism including SUPA polo, concentrating on younger and emerging riders, through the award of saddlery prizes. It aims to promote the use of high quality British saddlery by riders of all ages and experience for the greater safety and comfort of both horse and rider.

RJ Polo

RJ Polo supply the finest polo equipment for both horse and rider. As one of the leading Polo retailers we can offer an extensive range of polo equipment
as well as bespoke equipment. We stock an extensive range of polo equipment, amongst our products are:  ONA gloves, boots, Charles Owen Young Riders
helmets, bits, bridles, saddles and fittings, polo goggles and polo clothing, mallets and balls, Argentine polo belts.  We can be found at polo clubs
and major events around the UK and with Richard Buckett having over 20 years experience within polo as well as being a qualified master saddler and
highly specialized in fitting polo saddles, RJ Polo offer a complete wrap around service for both horse and rider.

Schools and Universities Alumni Polo Association, Ltd.


                              Privately founded in 2007 in affiliation with SUPA, The Schools Alumni Polo Association aims are to organise and promote amateur polo amongst former SUPA and Pony Club alumni who wish to play polo as a hobby after leaving the infrastructure of SUPA.   

SAPA an affiliated association of the HPA is a membership organisation that provides a structure of support and advice whilst providing tournaments, practices and polo clinics for amateur players at a cost affordable to those enjoying polo as a sporting hobby as well as a social venue.  SAPA annual membership includes mandatory Public Liability and offers supplemental tailored Personal Accident Insurance coverage.

SAPA also serves as a fundraising vehicle with the provision of an annual grant to assist SUPA in its ongoing funding of polo in schools and universities throughout the UK and to help the continued development of polo as a curriculum sport in the UK.

Polo Times

The Polo Times has been a supporter of SUPA for many years and annually awards a stylish pony stable rug to the Best Playing Pony.  The magazine offers all SUPA Members a subscription discount and regularly reports on SUPA Tournaments and SUPA Sanctioned Events.  Stay up-to-date with the Polo Times, celebrating 20 years serving the polo community.
SUPA Members' Offer

SUPA playing members receive a 10% discount on all purchases from Polistas who donate an additional 8% to the SUPA Charity by quoting the discount code "SUPA". So please support our 2014-16 Sponsors of the International Test Match Series.