Horse Hire

Horse Hire

SUPA does not endorse Pony Suppliers, Polo Instructors, Coaches or their various affiliations or associations. SUPA does encourage its members to utilise the HPA website when selecting a polo club a polo instructor (see ) before engaging or enrolling in polo courses, instruction or lessons on any kind.  The following suppliers support SUPA and provide discounted rates for horse hire and lessons and most importantly, utilises HPA certified and approved Polo Instructors or Club Instructors. It is up to the SUPA Institutional Member who hires ponies for its players use to check their relevant insurance, health and safety certificates and operational conditions, prior to hiring. SUPA recommends that all HPA certified and approved Polo Instructors or Club Instructors have received a clear and satisfactory CRB check (Criminal Records Board) or its equivalent. This is not SUPA’s responsibility but a duty of care which all our Instructional Members should undertake prior to any agreement made is between pony hirer and the school or university client.

SUPA cannot be held responsible for your selection of ponies or vendors or the consequences related thereto. We strongly recommend you be diligent in the selection of horse hire vendors as this decision is your sole responsibility. We do however reserve the right to refuse the use of a horse which we believe to be a danger or not in the interest of the tournament or jeopardising the welfare of the pony or riders involved in the tournament.

Horse Hire Guidelines for All Member Institutions

Background: SUPA Guidelines for use of  Recognised Polo Pony Suppliers to Members of SUPA

The following policy was adopted by the SUPA Assembly and effective for the 2010 SUPA Season. Purpose: Identification and interpretation of minimum standards required for SUPA from 2010 onward.

SUPA has the responsibility and duty of care to its members, institutions, Pony Suppliers and Coaches by law and convention as a Limited Company. Therefore, SUPA, in its pursuit of “good practise”, has set forth the following guidelines and standards, as have most other sporting associations within the UK.

These high level standards are designed to lift the awareness of safety guidelines to our members, to raise the welfare standards of our ponies and protect the interests of our users, our Polo Club venues, our Polo Pony Suppliers, our Ponies, our Recognised Instructors and Coaches and ultimately our Members Institutions and their players.

We have historically and herein informed our members of this policy, so that they can make “informed decisions”. To this end, SUPA published a list of Recognised Polo Pony Providers in 2010.  SUPA uses only HPA Member Polo Clubs and Facilities and retains a list of SUPA Recognised Instructors, who have historically been associated with serving members of SUPA members over the past several years. The Stewards have attempted to quantify the optimal, required and minimum qualifications, accreditations and legal documentation required by hirers to be Officially RECOGNISED by SUPA for its members and its SUPA insurers.

Avoidance or non-compliance on the basics of the Polo Pony Providers guidelines (below) by providers/hirers may render your own personal, as well as your SUPA insurance policy null and void.

Polo Pony Providers/Horse Hire - A Policy Framework for Members' Consideration

All SUPA Polo Pony Supplier, if engaged in providing lessons with SUPA Member-Players should be/have a registered Instructor (HPA Qualified) which conforms with NOS (National Occupational Standard) requirements. This NOS requirement will be phased in throughout 2010. SUPA considers NOS compliance a minimum standard.

SUPA suggests that all Member Institutions retain a qualified HPA Instuctor or Coach when seeking training or polo instruction.  

SUPA also suggest that Members used only qualified and SUPA Recognised Polo Pony Suppliers who can provide:

1. Appropriate Liability Insurance for individuals or riding establishments who rent polo ponies for “hire & reward” at either HPA clubs or SUPA assessed riding establishments or other venues as agreed for SUPA Sanctioned Events or polo lessons.

2. Riding Establishment Licence (REL). This  license is obtained from local councils and is a statutory requirement to validate any liability insurance.  Pony Suppliers apply to their Local Council who register and confirm that the Licenced Establishment is “fit for use” and a permitted “Hire and Reward” establishment. THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT.

3. All Ponies/horses participating in all SUPA Tournaments and SUPA Sanctioned Events must have a current HPA over-stamped Equine Passport. See rule 4d. THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT. All passports may be checked on arrival at all SUPA Tournaments and SUPA Sanctioned Events.

4. All Ponies/Horses participating in HPA Regulated Events and SUPA Tournaments or  SUPA Sanctioned Events must have up to date vaccinations shown in Equine Passports, presently flu and tetanus. THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT.  All passports may be checked on arrival at all SUPA Tournaments and SUPA Sanctioned Events.

5. Member Institutions in conjunction with Polo Pony Providers must clearly identify/retain its Qualified HPA Coach who is considered to be accountable/responsible for:

a]  any hired ponies,
b] as well as the riding competence of its SUPA team entered in all at all SUPA Tournaments and SUPA Sanctioned Events,
c] provides regular training and instruction as specified in 6. below.

6. SUPA Recognised Pony Providers:  Those Polo Pony Providers who agree to the SUPA Convention on Pricing and offer concessionary SUPA pricing guidelines. 2015 guidelines:Beginner £50/55 per chukka. Novice £50/55 per chukka. Intermediate £55/60 per chukka. Combined £50/65 per chukka. Prices quoted should include Hire, transport or stabling cost.  Group lessons should be substantially less expensive. 

All consequences and conditions relating to Pony Hire are the responsibility between the contracting hirer, institution, parent and/or player.