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SAPA, the official SUPA affiliated Alumni Polo Association, announced that it will be planning its annual Summer Tournament on Saturday, June 6 at Dallas Bruston's Polo Club.  
If you wish to enter a team please register online at and proceed to the University Section under the SAPA Section to join and enter your team.  It is important to  then send your contact team entry form and membership details to or by post to SAPA Polo, Atkins Farm, Prestwood, Great Missenden, Bucks  HP16 0QH, or for more information contact Charles Betz at 07711699190. 


download and send: OFFICIAL SAPA 2015 MEMBERSHIP FORM.pdf



To: All University Chairman and their Polo Captains

As mentioned in the last communiqué, SUPA has made a number of improvements in our operations and expanded our scope to provide more benefits to our increasing membership. Operations: Starting with the appointment of Phil Baker ( ). All Member Institutions and their member must use the newly formated website which allows online Membership Registration, Team Entry and total reconciliation of your payments. If you have problems contact Donna Stephens at . We also plan to introduce soon our own SUPA Shop with bespoke and sponsored products priced to meet your budget and taste for gift items. Keep up-to-date with the new

Also as a reminder, SUPA has re- instituted the University Annual General Meeting. scheduled for February 10 at the Rugby Polo Pavilion at 6 pm and would hope that every University Captain/Chairman will appoint one representative for this important AGM.

The Agenda for the meeting will focus on: Utility and functionality of the new website, Horse Hire practices and prices, Health and Safety Practices, SUPA Sanctioned Events, Venues for future Championships, growth of SAPA (Alumni Tournaments) in the future and Development Grants plus any other business. The AGM is reserved for University Chairman or their Representative who are asked to email the NAME of such Representative and any additional agenda items to by Wednesday, February 8.
Thank you. 

The 2017 Universities National Championships will again be sponsored by RJ Polo (see )who will be onsite to offer members a wide variety of polo equipment, clothing and gift items at a SUPA Members discount on selected items.  Please support them.  Lastly,  SUPA playing members receive a 10% discount on all purchases from Polistas (see who donate an additional 8% to the SUPA Charity by quoting the discount code "SUPA". So please support these donors, our Sponsors of the International Test Match Series.  On February 10, RJ Polo will sponsor a SUPA Jubilee Team to compete at Rugby Polo Club in against the SUPA All-Stars Team.  This same team, SUPA Jubilee Team will be competing in the HPA Gold Cup Arena Championships, February 24-26 and be captained by Harold Hodges of Royal Vet College. We wish all participants in the University National Championship a fantastic tournament. 



What to Wear for Arena Polo

Written by Johnny Lynn

Founder and CEO of Polistas, the Polo Lifestyle Brand

And avid polo player, on grass, on snow and in the arena…it’s all great!



The British Arena Polo Season is under way and this aspect of the sport is growing across the country.  2014/15 should be the best season yet! To maximise your enjoyment of Arena Polo, the place to start is dressing appropriately for comfort and style. We will begin with what to wear as an Arena Polo spectator, then move on to the polo player’s uniform and make some suggestions on accessories and cover ups for after the match.


Spectator Wear


Typically Arena Polo is played in an outdoor arena and is subject to all the elements a British winter can throw at it.  But even if you are spectating at a covered arena, you can bet your woolly underwear that the chilly winter air will get under your skin unless you dress appropriately.


Arena polo tournaments or chukkas can go on for several hours and that is a lot of sitting or standing in the cold.  An outfit you might wear on a winter’s country walk will not be sufficiently warm for sitting around as a spectator.  Better to dress for the worst and take off a layer or two IF the sun happens to come out.


Layering is the key.  We recommend starting with a base layer of thermal underwear or sports compression leggings and a long sleeve compression top.  Think ski -wear.  The grounds around a typical arena in winter are notoriously muddy.  So a pair of wellies would be the best suggestion for footwear in most circumstances. 


So, after the practical footwear and under-layers, it’s time to think about what to wear on top. 


Like all polo events, that will depend on the nature of the event.  Generally, polo is a lot less formal than its public perception would lead some to believe.  After all, with the rare exception, polo is a very old country pursuit played by horse lovers with the odd royal thrown in.  The winter variety is even less glamorous.  So don’t overdo it unless it is a very special occasion sponsored by a big corporate brand complete with champagne reception.


Again, the emphasis should be on warmth and comfort.  That doesn’t mean you have to literally look like you just got off the piste.  Check out some of the smart casual looks on the Polistas website- for a cosy town and country style.  The moleskin jackets and gilets are a great way to layer up.  Or, choose from the quilted leather range for a more exotic feel.


Underneath, our snow polo range of zip necked pull overs are sporty and practical or a button down twill shirt will give you a “country gent” appearance.


Polo Player Wear


Players will get hot in the heat of the battle, but again, it’s best to  layer up and start with a good set of compression undergarments. 


The Polistas snow polo was designed for snow polo in the harshest of climates – Moscow.  But with it’s convenient zip neck collar and pockets, it’s both practical and fashionable.  White polo jeans are the standard and Polistas makes the best for both men and women riders.


The Polistas technical socks offer great comfort and protection for players all year round, but in the winter, the bamboo content of these socks is even more important.  Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and moisture whisking.  So keep your little piglets warm, dry and odder free with a pair of these or you might be yelling – “ wee wee wee, all the way to the market!”


Top off the ensemble with an Argentine belt from the Polistas Legends of Polo range and you’ll be stylin’ on and off the field of play.



Après Polo


After the match, it is imperative for players to layer up and keep warm.  There may be a long wait between your last game and the awards ceremony.


So choose some warm up gear like the Polistas hoodie, fleece gilet and windbreaker and look like a pro as you down your well deserved beverage after the match.



Whatever your participation in the British Arena Polo, rug up in style and enjoy the season!  J.L.