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Dear SUPA and SAPA Members and Supporters,

First off, don’t panic! The SUPA and SAPA Ltd experience is not changing but we are modifying our www.supa.org.uk website. This online platform will remain as it has always been: easy to use, read and understand. As part of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes, both SUPA and SAPA wanted to contact their members to reassure you of our policies. Your privacy and the protection of your data is our top priority, so with this in mind, we wanted to remind you of the following points:

  • The way we store your private data is completely protected and secured by White Cobalt, our webmaster
  • Neither SUPA nor SAPA Ltd sell your data or provide your date to third parties
  • We are committed to protecting your privacy and will inform you about any changes to the way we use, store and protect your personal data
  • Through your SUPA or SAPA subscription, you will continue to receive the your current and any new benefits we are able to develop with our donors
  • You don’t have to do anything. These changes will happen automatically as part of your subscription or usual contact with Section Managers, but should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. If you wish to see the updated privacy policy, please contact us at membershipregistrar@supa.org.uk  Most importantly, thank you for your continued support.  Should you wish to delete your data merely activate the “unsubscribe “button.
    Kind Regards,
    The Trustees and Stewards of SUPA, a polo charity

We have recently changed our Public Liability Insurance Supplier. (All SUPA members who are paid up, are automatically covered by this policy)
Please peruse our new insurance details below:

Public Liability Policy

  • Public Liability
    • Third Party Property Damage or Bodily Injury where you are held legally liable. 
    • Must be held liable (sued) 
  • The policy provides 24 hour cover 
    • This means that the member is covered if their horses escape from the field and cause an accident or are out hacking and are held liable for causing damage to a car by kicking it etc (not just whilst playing polo)  
    • Horses/Ponies do not have to be HPA registered and these 
  • Territorial Limits are worldwide for UK/ROI domiciled members
    • UK/ROI only for overseas members
  • £10,000,000 per incident, £1,000 Excess in respect of Third Party Property Damage only
  • Includes Grooms Indemnity
    • Provides cover if a groom is held liable for third party property damage or bodily injury arising out of their work for a member whilst at a competition organised by HPA, SUPA, SAPA in UK 
    • This does not include Employers Liability so does not include injury to any Groom 
  • Includes cover for Authorised users
    • Anyone riding/handling the horse with the members permission (not professional) 
  • Excluding Player to Player cover 
  • Excluding injury to horses 
  • Excludes business use 
  • This policy also covers SUPA/SAPA and their various committees for the organisation and running of events (including social events) 


Personal Accident (Please note that this only covers 'catastrophic' injuries)

  • Personal Accident
  • Does not cover temporary total disablement (eg injury such as broken arm etc) 
  • Only cover whilst taking part in SUPA organised/affiliated events including social events (unless resulting directly from the influence of alcohol)
  • Cover also extends to include members whilst competing for SUPA
  • Does not provide cover for HPA events. 
  • Cover is worldwide but does not replace a travel policy

Schools and Universities Polo Association

Type of Cover: Public Liability

Limit: £10,000,000 per incident

Excess: £1,000 Third Party Property Damage

Operative Time: Occurring during the Period of Insurance within the Territorial Limits in connection with the Member’s use and/or ownership and/or control of a Horse and direct participation by the Member in other horse related activities. 


Territorial Limits: Worldwide

Definition of Member: means: 

a) any member of the Schools and Universities Polo Association and/or any member of the Schools Alumni Polo Association: 

(i) normally domiciled in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland. 

(ii) normally domiciled elsewhere in the World whilst temporarily visiting the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland who has paid their membership subscription to the association and is covered under this insurance contract. 

b) any person granted temporary day membership of the Schools and Universities Polo Association or the Schools Alumni Polo Association by virtue of entering as a participant in a Schools and Universities Polo Association or Schools Alumni Polo Association event. 


Authorised Users: Covers any person given permission by the Member to use the Member’s Polo Pony or a Polo Pony normally in the Members custody. 

Grooms Indemnity: Covers Public Liability incurred by any groom whilst working for the Member whilst at competitions in the United Kingdom organized under the auspices of or recognized by the Hurlingham Polo Association from the time of arrival at the site of the competition until time of departure therefrom. Provided always that the Groom observes, fulfil and are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the Policy

The Excess under this extension shall be £500 for each Incident.

 Additional Policy Exclusions applicable to this extension:- 

(a) intentional slaughter except where we have agreed to the destruction or where a Veterinary Surgeon has certified that destruction is imperative for humane reasons provided that we shall have the right to a post mortem examination carried out by a Veterinary Surgeon. 

(b) injury, illness or disease caused by or arising from any malicious or wilful act of you or any Person Employed. 

(c) any additional costs other than veterinary bills or the increased cost of keeping an injured or sick animal for a period not exceeding 12 months providing that the cost of all veterinary bills and the increased cost of keeping the Polo Pony shall not exceed the Limit of Indemnity applicable to this extension. 

Relevant Exclusions: Player to Player For any claim made by one player against another player for injury or damage sustained whilst both parties are playing, practicing or training for polo.

Injury or Damage to Horses For any claim arising out of injury to any Horse whilst playing, practicing or training for polo

Instruction directly or indirectly caused by, arising from or in connection with providing instruction or services to do with Horses by way of gain.

Professional/Commercial Activities For Injury or Damage arising out of, or incidental to, any profession, occupation or business of the Member. This Exclusion is deemed not to apply in respect of Grooms working for the Member.

Hire or Reward For Injury or damage directly or indirectly caused by, or contributed to, or arising from the use of a Horse for hire or reward.














2019 / 20 SEASON

SUPA was established in 1991 to promote and develop polo within Schools and Universities around the UK; England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Acting as a central point of reference for advice, guidance and encouragement. SUPA is a registered charity (No 1150236) and organises tournaments, representative teams for both domestic and international events and seeks to distribute financial support as far as possible.

Insurance News
We have recently changed our Public Liability Insurer.  All SUPA (and SAPA) paid up members are automatically covered.  To see our new insurance details please visit the terms and conditions page on this website.

Health and Safety Bulletin:

2019/20 Helmet Regulations

All Member Institutions must insure that the latest HPA Regulation below will be strictly monitored from January 2018 and is clearly in the best interest of your players.  Any questions, please contact chairman@supa.org.uk   Please insure that these safety standard are applied at training sessions and all SUPA Sanctioned Events.  All Official Tournaments will be enforcing this standard. 

"From 01 January 2018, helmets must be type approved to the standard PAS015:2011 with CE mark (type approval must be performed by a UK headquartered Noted Body for Personal Protective Equipment), SNELL E2001, VG1 01.040 2014-12, or UTAC/CRITT 04/2015. 

Casablanca will be introducing a new helmet called the “NEU” which meets PAS015:2011 with a target launch date of 1st November.   La Martina are also bringing out a new helmet (no name released) and testing procedures are to be conducted at the end of September.  Falcon have decided not to certify their helmet.

***PLEASE NOTE :Instinct Helmets, which recently moved to manufacturing for their latest helmets to India. Any Instinct MK2 helmets that say ‘Made in India’ are not currently type approved, and as such do not meet the British Kitemarking and standards required, this said, the MK1 Instinct helmets made in the U.K. are fine and meet the correct standards. Further updated information from the HPA is available here:  https://hpa-polo.co.uk/download/2019-Helmet-Rules-for-HPA-website.pdf


Please note, there is a new standard, BSEN1384:2017 which has just been published.  Our policy is to follow the BHA helmet standards.

Click Here to View BHA Helmet Regulations

 List of approved helmets 29.08.17"


Horse Hire

SUPA endorses exclusively Pony Suppliers who are members of the APSPH [ see www.apsph-polo.org.uk ], SUPA only recommends the use of HPA Certified Polo Instructors, Coaches and their various HPA affiliations or associations. SUPA does encourage its members to utilise the HPA website when selecting a polo club or polo instructor (see www.hpa-polo.com ) before engaging or enrolling in polo courses, instruction or lessons of any kind.  

SUPA and its Institutional Members cannot be held responsible for your selection of ponies or vendors or the consequences related thereto. We strongly recommend you be diligent in the selection of horse hire vendors as this decision is your sole responsibility. We do however reserve the right to refuse the use of a horse which we believe to be a danger or not in the interest of the tournament or jeopardising the welfare of the pony or riders involved in the tournament.

All consequences and conditions relating to Pony Hire are the responsibility between the contracting hirer, institution, parent and/or player.  

Bulletin I: The 2017 annual Tri-Nations tournament was hosted by SUPA Ireland, played at Polo Wicklow and feature SUPA-Scotland, SUPA-England and SUPA-Ireland.  In 2018, Dr. Tom Branigan of RCSI is again Tournament Organiser and will be assisted by James Kennedy, SUPA Trustee and Steward.  In 2017 SUPA - England ran out winners in what is always a wonderful competition.  St Patrick's Day high jinx will kick-off in Dublin with the tournament on March.   Nigel Mercer will officiate at the 2018 event and may be contacted for further details, universities@supa.org.uk  

Bulletin II:  The 2020 International Test Series with the USA Intercollegiate All-Stars facing off against the SUPA Universities at Rugby in February.  

Thanks again to RJ Polo the Official Sponsor for SUPA throughout 2017 and again in 2018.  RJ will also support of the annual International Test Series with the SUPA British Universities playing the USA Intercollegiate All-Stars, which alternates annually between the 2 countries. The 2021 event will be held in either California, Florida or Arizona to follow the sun!  The date in January to be posted late 2020.  Come along and support SUPA. For more details contact: chairman@supa.org.uk