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A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions relating to Universities

Yes, please go the membership page and sign up.

The simple answer is no. However if your membership has expired you can rejoin SUPA directly yourself.  If you have changed Universities and still have a current membership you will need to contact

We strongly recommend that all University Students create their own membership.  It will automatically link to your University and then your Manager can enter you into tournaments.

University Managers, change frequently so you must use a generic email that can be passed from one Manager to the next.  It is the University Managers job to ensure that all the University details are correct on the website.

If you are the President/Manager of your Universities Polo Teams and wish to be able to manage team entries you will need to sign up as “University Manager” and then add yourself as a playing member.

Log into the SUPA website and go to “Manage Memberships” scroll down the page and you will see all the members of University who have a current membership.  You need to activate them to enable you to enter them into tournaments.

Yes you need to pass the role onto the incoming President/Manager, ensure that you have given them the correct log in details and the correct email so that they can update the password etc and ensure that they are receiving the relevant information

Your membership to SUPA is separate to entry fees. Membership covers your insurance for you to play Uni polo for 1 year at a time.  Tournament entry fees cover, ground hire, medical cover, stewards, goal judges and all other costs associated with putting on a tournament.

Tournament fees vary depending upon the type of event.  Typically they £55 per player.

No.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  If funds are not received before the closing date your entry will be cancelled.

SUPA membership will not begin until cleared funds have been received by SUPA.  You will be unable to enter a tournament until funds are cleared.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you did not pay for entries before the closing date you did not make the draw and therefore are not in the tournament – there are no exceptions to the rule.  You are responsible for ensuring that SUPA receive the payment before the stated closing date.

After graduating you can no longer play within the SUPA divisions, but you can continue to play within the SAPA section.

Team names can be anything you like as long as it is not offensive to anyone.  Most teams are named for their University.  However, if you are in a combined team or an unofficial University team then you may have to add a suffix e.g. Brighton Mavericks.  Some universities operate very strict guidelines as to who can use their name solely.  Your team president should already be aware of this.

Beginner 1 is for the better players in that division going down to beginner 4 for those who are very new to polo.  The same applies in Median and Novice with 1 being for those with a higher ability and 4 with the lowest.  Please see the rules page.

Yes this is called a combined team.  See our rules section about combined teams.

Annual membership is £55 and allows you to enter any SUPA tournaments within your relevant section.

Click here to find an HPA coach.

HPA Licensed Coaches. Persons may be licenced as an HPA coach at Level 1, 2, 3 or 4.

• To qualify for a licence a person must:

• Be a member of the HPA – Full, Chukka or Non-Playing. • Hold a current: o HPA Coaching qualification. o First Aid certificate. o Safeguarding and Protecting Children certificate. o Enhanced DBS check. •

Have the appropriate insurance cover individually or under a club or school policy.

• Have paid their coaching licence fee.

• Attend annually a minimum of 4 hours of continual professional development (CPD) training, as offered by the HPA.

No please click here – you must comply with the HPA rules.

It is vitally important that your coach is an HPA registered coach.  Click here for more information about unlicensed coaches.

No, you can hire polo ponies from polo pony providers.  It is your responsibility to ensure that they have a curent REL (riding establishment licence) and appropriate insurance cover. It is recommended that you ask to see copies of their current REL.  Alternatively take a look at the APSPH whose site covers all you need to know with regards to hiring a polo pony.

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