Information from the Universities Section Manager re entering teams into the correct divisions and SAPA

Posted: 23rd July 2021

Welcome to any new members who may have joined in the last few days!

Some pointers, as some of you are having difficulty entering teams.


The uni rules are specific to Universities Section (Schools have some different rules)


Some folks are trying to enter other members from their uni into a team. This can only be done by a team manager. If you are the Team manager for your uni team as well as a player, then join SUPA as a team manager. If you have joined as a player then Caroline Grayson (seniors@supa.org.uk) can switch your type of membership. You will then be able to enter and pay for your teams.

If you are a member of one university and wish to play with members of another university, you must go into a combined team. You cannot play for a regular university division such as Beginner 4 etc. You must, therefore, play in Combined beginner.
At present the combined sections appear on our Website as Combined 1,2 3 & 4.

We are trying to make it a bit clearer and possibly change the numbers to names but at present it’s:
Combined 1 = Combined Intermediate
Combined 2 = Combined Novice
Combined 3 = Combined Median
Combined 4 = Combined Beginner

Likewise Intermediate 1 in the regular Uni Divisions is Upper Intermediate and Intermediate 2 is Lower Intermediate.

The entry system and indeed the whole website was only launched a month ago and we are expecting to find glitches that we hadn’t expected or thought of.  This is common with many new sites that operate with the same complexity and security as ours.  We will be constantly monitoring and working to make the website a more user-friendly environment.

Our ZOOM tutorial with Caroline Grayson was well received yesterday evening and if anyone feels that they would like some help in this way, please let me know and I’ll set up another one, better be quick though, as entries close next Thursday at midnight!


If you are no longer at University, ie: finished University during or up to August 2020, you must play in and be a member of SAPA (Schools and Universities Alumni Association). If you were at university and have taken your degree and already left earlier his year (2021) then you are still eligible to play in SUPA.

SAPA members are only eligible to play in the SAPA divisions NOT the regular University divisions including Combined.

SAPA appears as a University on the website which currently is the only way we can get SAPA onto the entry system. This will change in future. If you are a SAPA member please do not try to enter into any other than the SAPA divisions.

Please also read our University rules which deal with things like player’s equipment rules, helmet regulations (We shall be hat tagging at point of entry and you will need to have a new hat tag if you have a new hat or need a replacement tag). This, in addition to handicap rules, rules of play, lateness etc etc.

In addition we are circulating our COVID safety protocol agreed at a meeting with University Team Managers, our medics and committee, a copy of which should be attached below. You MUST adhere to this as a condition of entry to the tournament. This will be posted out in subsequent communications as well as on Social media and our website. So there is no excuse for turning up and claiming not to have read it and made the necessary preparations.

If any of your University sports bodies require a Risk Assessment from us or a copy of the Covid Preparations prior to the Event, then let me know and I’ll email a copy over.

That’s it for today.

With Kind Regards

Nigel Mercer

Manager SUPA (Universities)UK – universities@supa.org.uk