About SAPA


Polo tournaments for SUPA Alumni

SAPA is the stepping stone between School & University Polo and Club Polo. It encourages players to continue to play polo between school/university and joining a Polo Club and or to play with friends made during their time at university/school.

School leavers aged 18 and above may move their membership over to SAPA during their gap year, until they enrol at University.  If you are a school student who is not going to University you can play in SAPA teams at SUPA organised University Tournaments.

SAPA sub-committee

Luke Sandys-Renton – Chair

Alec Banner-Eve

Chloe Butlin

Please contact them if you wish to play SAPA before entering.

Luke Sandys-Renton – luke.sandys-renton@supa.org.uk

Alec Banner-Eve – Alecbeve@gmail.com

Chloe Butlin – chloe@silverleyspolo.com




SUPA has given me the best memories of my time at university.
University of Kent
Honestly my favourite memories of university are at SUPA
University of East Anglia
Hands down the highlight of my university experience. SUPA really helped me make friends and be more confident in myself.
University of St Andrews
Great prizes, love my hoodie.
Junior School
University wouldn't have been the same without polo or SUPA in my life!
University of Portsmouth
SUPA Sponsors

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If you would like to become involved with SUPA please contact Administration@supa.org.uk for more information.