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PlayPolo App – Huge success at Junior Schools National Arena Championships

Posted: 9th February 2023

After being tested at the University Challenge tournament in November, a brand new interactive tournament information app was unveiled for the first time at a SUPA Schools event. This revolutionary innovation utilises SUPA’s very own bespoke automated tournament system, built by SUPA, which is hosted on the PlayPolo app platform. This enabled spectators and team managers both at the event, or indeed anywhere in the world (including one parent on the beach in Barbados) to check the current chukka number or scores and team progress throughout the day virtually via their smartphone. The ability to check current chukka numbers allows for team managers, parents and horse hirers to ensure that both players and horses are ready for their matches and avoids the last-minute scramble or delays waiting on teams to be ready.

Historically, SUPA events have been known to prescribe to ‘polo time’, due to the complications of intensive days packed full of back-to-back chukkas and hundreds of players and horses. However, this stride forward for SUPA has proven to be an overwhelming success and has ensured that the event ran more efficiently than ever before, running ahead of time and finishing over half an hour early. Equally, after prize giving had finished, the Roll of Honour was circulated instantaneously on the app for all spectators to view on their journey home.

We are incredibly excited for the app to become a core part of all future SUPA fixtures, and would highly recommend that all of our SUPA members and supporters connect with the SUPA platform by downloading the PlayPolo app now.