SAPA Rules


SAPA Rules

There will be a maximum cap on team entries for SAPA, stated when entries open for each event. Upon reaching the cap, entries will close and no further entries will be accepted.

SAPA runs across the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), but may need to play on the Friday afternoon, if required.

SAPA players must be available to play on Friday afternoons and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Before entering, players must check what division they are eligible for in the ‘

23/24 Uni & SAPA Player Ability & Divisions Rules

SUPA reserves the right to withdraw players/teams from incorrect division/s and/or disqualify the team.

If you want to play in SAPA, but you do not have a team, please get in touch with the SAPA subcommittee. Or, comment on the ‘Spare Players/Space in a team’ post in the SUPA Universities Polo Network on Facebook.

SAPA players are expected to enter themselves on the SUPA website using their own personal account.

SAPA players must coordinate with all players in their team to submit their entries at the same time. When entering, all players must provide the same team name. Any players who miss the entry deadline will not be eligible to play and SUPA will cancel the entry for the remainder of the team.

All SAPA players MUST confirm horse hire, before entering. SAPA players are bound by the same rules as the Universities.

SUPA (student) players can only play in SAPA teams (subject to tournament committee at any time) if:

–        They are already playing in at least one regular SUPA team in the same tournament.

–        SAPA teams must comprise at least 50% alumni players. 2 Alumni players:1 student player (arena tournaments), or 2 alumni players: 2 student players (for grass tournaments).

Upcoming Fixtures

If you would like to be invovled in a SUPA organised tournament, take a look at our upcoming fixtures

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