SUPA Universities COVID Security Guidance July 2021

Posted: 23rd July 2021

For the Summer University National Championships, being held on 6th – 8th August, we are implementing more Covid-19 safety precautions than many other events that are happening at the moment. Particularly with an age group who may only be partially vaccinated, we are taking our duty of care for the safety and wellbeing of our members very seriously, while also seeking to safeguard the reputation of SUPA and the sport as a whole.

Therefore, SUPA will be implementing the following procedures and request that the steps outlined below are followed in advance, on arrival and whilst at the event:


• Enter your teams on the SUPA website, any issues please let us know.
Order your own supply of Lateral Flow test kits in advance of the event, and ensure your members do the same.
• Check that all riding helmets comply with the latest HPA regulations.
Start testing as soon as possible (ideally from this weekend) and maintain a regular testing routine.
• We strongly recommend that everyone acts sensibly between now and Nationals to minimise the risk of exposure to Covid-19. This will reduce the risk of players being turned away due to a positive test.
• All Team Managers will need to compile a ‘Master List’ of every player and spectator from their University for the entire weekend and supply this to SUPA in advance of the event.
Provide a list of any reserve players who are willing to be on standby to fill in. Please include their name, ability division and university.
Purchase your campsite ticket if you are staying on site for the event.
Provide your intended arrival date and time, to enable the booking of the time slot for your university.


• Everyone attending the event MUST take a Covid-19 Lateral Flow test on arrival at Offchurch Bury Polo Club, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this (Horse Lorries will follow different guidance*).
• To minimise waiting and congestion, arrival time slots will be allocated in advance to ensure our staff and Covid-19 technicians can safely process manageable testing procedures in the designated holding area (it is essential to keep to your slot or inform us if you will be late).
• Only upon production of a negative result, will you be allowed to continue onto the site. This result will be recorded against our master list of everyone who will be on site over the weekend. This negative result will cover you for the whole weekend.
All individuals are responsible for providing their own Lateral Flow Test kits, these are available for free online and from designated pick-up points. There are no excuses for not supplying your own test kits, if you arrive without one, you will be turned away without exception.
If an individual tests positive on arrival, all occupants in the same vehicles will not be permitted to enter the site, will be unable to play over the weekend and must return home to self-isolate.
• On arrival, after testing negative, all riding helmets must be checked and tagged (including those already tagged at previous events).


• Daily testing will not be required once a negative lateral flow test result has been recorded on your initial arrival.
• We advise caution and observance of mask wearing and social distancing in confined spaces, taking necessary precautions if leaving Offchurch Bury Polo Club to minimise exposure to Covid-19.
• All students are requested to switch on their NHS Track and Trace app for the event.
• Information sheets on Covid-19 safety will be distributed with the team lists and will also be available on site.
• Adequate containers of hand sanitisers will be placed around the site, but individuals should also bring their own supply.
• Toilets and showers will be cleaned regularly.
• Offchurch Bury Polo Club have decided not to hold a players party this year due to Covid-19, but camping tickets are available for those staying on site for the event.


• If anyone tests positive prior to the event, they will not be able to attend and must stay at home to self-isolate.
Anyone who tests positive on arrival at the event, along with anyone sharing the same vehicle will not be permitted to enter the site or play in the tournament and must return home to self-isolate.
• Refunds and cancellations are only possible up until 4 days before the event or until the draw is released; whichever is earliest. After this point you will be liable for your entry fee but will need to establish with your horse hirer what their refund policy is.
• If players or teams must withdraw due to a positive test, we will endeavour to fill their space with reserve players. Any reserve players must have valid SUPA membership, but please submit the name, division and university of any reserve players to us in advance.
• If a player has contracted Covid-19 in the month prior to the event but have completed the full 10 day self-isolation period (this must have ended at least 24 hours before the start of the event), we must be informed of their name, university and the dates of their self-isolation period in advance.


All Contractors, Sponsors, Horse Hirers and all occupants of their vehicle must send a time stamped photo of their negative Lateral Flow test as evidence (taken the same day, either before departure or on route) and the vehicle numberplate registration to our Covid-19 Officer prior to their arrival at Offchurch Bury Polo Club. This is to prevent discomfort and distress to loaded horses especially in hot weather, or congestion and disruption to the smooth running of the event.

Once we have a record of a negative test result, admission will be granted for all three days of the tournament, so please ensure that photo evidence and the vehicle numberplate registration is sent and fully delivered before you arrive.