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SUPA is currently moving between websites and we will not be able to take any credit card payments on this website from 1st January 2021. If you would like to renew your membership prior to the new website being ready please contact membership@supa.org.uk or one of the Section Managers below.

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Please ensure you are following these Winter Polo Lockdown Rules from the HPA and are aware of the consequences 
of breaching them.

Winter Polo Lockdown Rules.pdf

August 1, 2020                                                      IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE

SUPA Bulletin #4

Following a meeting of the Board of Trustees of SUPA, the charity announced the further postponement of its National activities due to
the uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus Covid 19 and concerns for our Member Institutions. This is an update from previous
March, June and July Press Releases.

SUPA is adhering to the Guidelines set by the HM Government [for its operations in England Wales and Ireland], while observing the
recent July 20, Bulletin 11 guidance, and July 31 Rules from the HPA, the polo governing body, and KBIS our independent insurers.
The Trustees are mindful of our Institutional Members interests and have ongoing communication. In the interest of health and safety,
social distancing, and open access to the sport for our SUPA member-players, we are pleased to confirm that your KBIS insurance
cover for Limited Liability [see below] remain in force pending your membership renewal. SUPA bespoke Personal Accident Policy
is, however, not available for non-SUPA polo activities but KBIS has offered to provide individual coverage for other polo events if

As from August 1, 2020, SUPA Membership renewal will be reduced by 20% and when we resume operations, hopefully in the Fall,
your Official Entry Fee SUPA Events will also be reduced by 20%.

We are therefore directing SUPA member-players to renew your SUPA membership and to adhere to the Government/HPA guidance if
electing to commence club/riding school lessons or training of any form. As a public non-profit charity, the preservation of our sport
and safety of members are paramount. Members 18 and under years of age will need to include parent/school consent, as normal,
as a personal responsibility and player’s choice.

SUPA/SAPA are associated members of the Hurlingham Polo Association and a supporter of the Association of Polo Schools and Pony
Hirers which support the polo industry generally. This bulletin applies to SAPA as well.

The Trustees will be reviewing its future fixtures and events as well as consulting in advance of further information from www.gov.uk,
www.hpa-polo.co.uk which will be released as the situation evolves on its website, www.supa.org.uk. and for insurance questions,



Public Liability Insurance Policy for SUPA and SAPA members (1).doc
Public Liability Insurance product information document (1).docx
Personal Accident policy.pdf

Amateur Sports Personal Accident Policy wording - available on request.

In the event of cancellation of your tournament due to unforeseen or difficult to predict circumstances such as adverse weather conditions, infectious equine diseases or government directives that curtail sporting events,  SUPA will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of cancellation. 
SUPA will try to reschedule the same tournament for a later date.  If this is not possible or if there are players who may not be able to attend on the rescheduled dates SUPA will then reimburse entry fees, LESS A £10 administration fee, per Transaction.
***Please note that horse hire is the responsibility and forms a contract between Horse Hirers/ Coaches and Individual Member Institutions /Coaches and Members.  SUPA accept no responsibility and are not liable for the compensation of any charges that may be incurred.***



The SUPA Mandate:  SUPA was established to promote and develop Schools and Universities Polo. Founded in 1991, SUPA acts as a central point of reference for advice, guidance and encouragement. SUPA organises tournaments, select representative teams for home and away Test Matches and seeks to distribute financial support as far as possible. SUPA aims to be inclusive and offer grants to advance the sport within participating educational institutions in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. 

Historical Background: Founded in 1991 by five senior schools and later associating with two universities, SUPA expanded as a members association to include other Universities in 1994 and invited seven Junior (Prep) Schools to join in 1994. In 2005 SUPA was incorporated by its member institutions as Schools and Universities Polo Association Limited. In 2014 SUPA became a registered UK Charity.

SUPA organises and runs seven National Tournaments in all the levels at various Polo Clubs throughout the country as well as organising the SUPA International Festival in early July, where SUPA hosts incoming International teams as well as featuring matches with our best Ladies, Schools and University players.  Over the last few years international teams included Hungary, Poland, Italy, Dubai, France, West Indies, New Zealand, Kenya, India, Chile and Argentina.

An active winter (arena) programme is also run allowing both regular and new players to practise and play all year round. SUPA in 2009 launched a scheme to certify all its beginner and novice players for Polo Riding proficiency in an innovative programme partially supported by sponsors' Roxtons. Introduced in 2017, all players registering for membership will be required to nominate the HPA Instructor or Coach in an effort to enhance existing safety measures.  This measures along with tighter rules regarding pony hire has further ensured the safety and welfare for both players and ponies and with the formation of the APSPH [Association of Polo Schools and Pony Hirers] who main an official Riding Establishment License enabling their members supply horses for hire.

In 2009 SUPA instituted the Schools National Trials in order to bring transparency and inclusion of all Senior School players by assessing representative players during a programme of field and off-the-field exercises.  This process forms the basis for Stewards, who may also nominate, to identify the better players to be recognised and selected for both National and International Representative Teams.

Today there continues an extensive winter and summer polo programme for Junior Schools, Senior Schools and Universities.

SUPA today makes every effort to offer "inclusive" polo for interested players of all abilities. 
Overheard: "SUPA is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!" anon.

Horse Hire

SUPA endorses exclusively Pony Suppliers who are members of the APSPH [ see www.apsph-polo.org.uk ], SUPA only recommends the use of HPA Certified Polo Instructors, Coaches and their various HPA affiliations or associations. SUPA does encourage its members to utilise the HPA website when selecting a polo club or polo instructor (see www.hpa-polo.com ) before engaging or enrolling in polo courses, instruction or lessons of any kind.  

SUPA and its Institutional Members cannot be held responsible for your selection of ponies or vendors or the consequences related thereto. We strongly recommend you be diligent in the selection of horse hire vendors as this decision is your sole responsibility. We do however reserve the right to refuse the use of a horse which we believe to be a danger or not in the interest of the tournament or jeopardising the welfare of the pony or riders involved in the tournament.

All consequences and conditions relating to Pony Hire are the responsibility between the contracting hirer, institution, parent and/or player.  

SUPA Members' Offer

SUPA playing members receive a 10% discount on all purchases from Polistas who donate an additional 8% to the SUPA Charity by quoting the discount code "SUPA". So please support our 2014-16 Sponsors of the International Test Match Series.